The Whirling Dervishes Show at the Hodja Pasha Culture Center

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See the stunning Mevlevei Sema ceremony in Istanbul. Known for its whirling dervishes and dances, enjoy a complex musical repertoire called ayin and go on a mystical journey representing man’s spiritual ascent through mind and love to perfection. 1 hour show

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Watch a magnificent 1-hour show of the Mevlevi Sema ceremony at the HodjaPasha Culture Center in central Istanbul and witness the miracle of the whirling dances and dervishes.

Dating back 800 years, the show represents in thrilling fashion the idea that everything in the universe, from atoms, to the solar system, to the blood that circulates in the body, revolves.

Sema is a spiritual journey that the soul makes to God as it becomes mature and attains unity. After the journey, it returns to its life and to serve humankind again. This thrilling program begins with a classical Turkish music concert, followed by the Sema ceremony, comprised of 7 parts.

Watch in wonder as the whirling dervishes and sheikh take their place and praise the Prophet Mohammed. Following the chant, a drum voice is heard and all 7 parts unfold, – the ceremony climaxes when the extraordinary whirling dervishes revolve to represent the birth of humanity.

The Sema ends with a Fâtiha for the souls of all prophets, martyrs, and believers, and a prayer for the salvation of the country.

Chosen as the best authentic local event in 2010 by the Federation of Tourist Guides in Turkey, this fantastic show takes place in the fantastic HodjaPasha Culture Center, which is a restored 550-year-old Ottoman Turkish bath in Sultanahmet-Sirkeci.

Yderligere information


• Ticket to the ceremony
• Program booklet
• Complementary drinks


• See an extraordinary dance show that dates back 800 years
• Enter the HodjaPasha Culture Center, set in a restored 550-year-old Ottoman Turkish bath
• Learn about the Mevlevi Sema spiritual journey
• Enjoy a fantastic musical repertoire
Watch the miraculous whirling dervishes

Meeting point

Hocapaşa Culture Center, Ankara Caddesi, Hocapaşa Hamam Sok No: 3.B. The meeting point is 100 meters from Sirkeci Tram Stop.

Please Note

• Children under the age of 7 are not permitted
• The venue is not wheelchair accessible
• Please note that any disruption to this performance is not permitted; taking photographs, talking during the ceremony and applause are prohibited

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